Most companies have recruitment procedures in place through their HR team. However, there are times when additional expert assistance is necessary. The following are the top three reasons our clients partner with us:

  1. You have a position that has been difficult to fill, and your in-house recruitment avenues are not generating the right applicants. The pain is real. 

  2. You have completed the initial R&D phase with your start-up team, your product is on the market and selling, and you are growing faster than your HR team can keep up. You need great people, and you need them now!

  3. You have a position which you need to fill through a confidential, unlisted search.


Most organizations place primary focus on their products and services, and the competition for customers. Our focus is on the competition for top talent. You know your competitors’ products. We know their cultures. Together, we help you become fully competitive.

As a true partner, we behave and are treated as a valuable part of your team. We bring to the table our expertise in creative and competitive hiring. We are successful by doing the following:

  • We establish our relationships based on integrity, trust, communication, and collaboration.

  • We conduct a thorough analysis of your employment practices: hiring process efficiency, culture, compensation and benefits, and how you compare to the marketplace. We use this analysis to consult with you on any necessary improvements in order to excel against your competitors.

  • We communicate with all levels of your organizational chain, to understand the full scope of your needs: The CEO for your vision, the CTO about the technology you use to develop that vision, the CFO for the budgetary requirements, the hiring managers for the technical requirements and growth pains, and the team members for the dynamics of an ideal teammate, and the clearest picture of where your rubber hits the road.

  • We utilize our full knowledge of your organization to build a compelling, differentiating proposition to top candidates on why working for you is a good step forward in their career.


Through our strong relationship building process with you and our strategic recruitment search process, we are able to make the best match in skill, experience, and cultural fit. These successful matches only strengthen with the duration of our relationship with you, as we become an integrated part of your candidate search process.

Our customized care and precise matches result in lower turn-over, increased job satisfaction, stronger team environment, and therefore higher productivity. In our relationships, everyone benefits.


  • Fast and clear communication.

  • A thorough consultation to get to know you.

  • Analysis on how to improve in order to compete more strongly for talent.

  • Thorough synopsis of each candidate submitted, not just a stack of resumes.

  • Guaranteed searches for a full year, no replacement fee.

  • Confidentiality.

  • Consistency.

  • Creative and proactive methods.

  • Standards of excellence.

We look forward to a partnership with you! (contact us)