A typical recruiter working for a large firm, like most employees, periodically hops from job to job. They often change industry specialties along the way. This lack of continuity disrupts their relationships. In contrast, as self-employed independent recruiters, our professional success doesn’t come from hopping to the the next best recruiting gig.

Rather, our success comes from the opposite approach - maintaining strong relationships that we build with you throughout your career and ours. The best way to think of us is as your employment agent. We know you personally. We invest our time in you, celebrate your successes, and are available to you as a trusted resource as you progress throughout your career. 


We spend a great amount of time studying the market and carefully choosing the companies we partner with to source new team members. We establish strong relationships with these clients, taking time to know them thoroughly: their culture, environment, team dynamics, leadership, products and projects, history, trajectory, and competitive space. We are then able to offer their (usually unlisted) opportunities to you, and fully prepare you for interviewing for the next step in your career. This service is entirely free to you.


  • We will always return correspondence within 24 hours.

  • We will take the time to understand you, the path you’ve walked, and your professional goals.

  • We will maintain contact with you to stay current with what we know about where you are.

  • We will only present you with opportunities which follow your desired progression. We will never pressure you into a new position. We do not want to convince you to leave a good situation. 

  • We will only recommend you to employers who we have carefully vetted, to ensure that they have the type of culture, environment, and team we personally would want to join. 

  • We will only submit your resume to a prospective employer after we have fully discussed the opportunity with you.

  • We will encourage you to thoughtfully consider each opportunity presented, and discuss it with anyone else in your life whom it will affect.

We look forward to getting to know you! (Submit a Resume)