We recruit exclusively for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. We are excited about the technology and innovations developed by our candidates and clients to evolve and change our world.  


We believe that satisfaction in life is valuable. Since work plays such a prevalent role in each of our lives, we believe that all of us have the right to be content in our work. We only partner with employers who feel the way we do about quality of life, and candidates who are the type of teammates we would want on our own team.

At its core, our business is to assist others in finding satisfaction in work, and we feel lucky to do so.


We are a boutique recruitment partner. In other words, we are independent, head-hunting recruiters versus large firm recruiters. This allows us the freedom to:

  • Build long-term value through establishing and sustaining personalized relationships rooted in confidence and trust.

  • Focus on what is right for our candidates and clients alike, rather than focusing on filling as many positions as possible.

  • Achieve consistently excellent results through limiting our concurrent searches to a maximum of three.

  • Fully vet each employer and each candidate, ensuring that the relationships we maintain are of the highest standard.

  • Take the time to be available for consultations to each person in our circle, candidate or client.

  • Be of competitive value, and guarantee each of our searches.


If you feel the way we do, we look forward to being your partner in employment. (Contact Us)